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Under the able leadership of our Director Mr. S.D. Murali Mohan, Founder of NewTech Insulation House (Bangalore) in 1974, who is highly qualified and experienced in this industry, he has executed various
prestigious projects & he has vast experience in this domain and thus

We don’t compromise on Quality.

As a consumer the first thing one looks at while buying an Insulation Product is its quality and safety. When you talk about quantity and affordability, you have several options to choose from but if you are really concerned about the quality of products you use then

SM INSULATION is the right choice. As we have completed several years in this industry, the principles of safety, quality, and
satisfaction are being redefined by us. Based in Bangalore, SM
INSULATION is a renowned manufacturer, supplier, exporter and importer of various Industrial Insulation products which are made of supreme quality materials.

Customer Satisfaction

Total satisfaction through the finest range of electrical insulation products like Fiber Glass wool, Ceramic wool, Rock wool, GP Resin, Teflon Tapes, Teflon Cloth, Teflon Sheets, Fibreglass Sleevings, Fibreglass yarn, Epoxy laminated Sheets, Resiglass and banding tapes, Polyester woven tapes, Fibreglass woven tapes, electrical insulation sleeves, varnished Fibreglass tape, etc. is our sole motto. The company is an expert in supplying long-lasting, safe and scientifically updated fibreglass and polyester products. We have all necessary machineries and skilled manpower which enables us to cater a wide clientele across the globe. Customized products, timely deliveries, and cost effective prices offer complete satisfaction to our valued clients.